BODYJAM Tracklist 80-99



カーディオブロックにはそれぞれテーマが設定されていて、OldschoolやHip Hopなど一目でわかるものもあれば、全くピンと来ないものもあります。


また、カーディオ1と2のコリオが混ざったMASH ITもいつくかのナンバーに用意されていたり、代替曲Alternative Trackが用意されている時もあります。

BODYJAM Tracklist 80-99

No.   Title Category
BJ97 1 Up Warm Up / Isolations
BJ97 2 Rotate Hype
BJ97 3 Body
Wobble Like It's Hot
BJ97 4 Best Friend
BJ97 5 Drop It Like It's Hot
BJ97 6 Boasty
BJ97 7 Wobble & Jiggle
BJ97 8 Boasty
BJ97 9 Wobble & Jiggle
BJ97 10 Upside Down Recovery
BJ97 11 It's Goin' Down
Take It Up Take It Up Take It Up Turn It Up
BJ97 12 Roll The Bass (Archer M_lls Remix)
BJ97 13 Headlines
BJ97 14 Turnin Me On
BJ97 15 Bounce Back
BJ97 16 Mula
BJ97 17 Laugh Now Cry Later GrooveDown
BJ97 18
Drop It Like It's Hot (Instrumental) ALT 05
BJ97 19
Boasty ALT 06
BJ97 20
Unleash My Halo ALT 07
BJ97 21
Boasty ALT 08
BJ97 22
Unleash My Halo ALT 09
BJ97 23
High Life ALT 14
BJ96 1 Booty Bust Warm Up / Isolations
BJ96 2 Head & Heart (Extended Mix) Hype
BJ96 3 Weerk Your Baack
Weerk Your Baack
BJ96 4 Deathproof
BJ96 5 Divinity
BJ96 6 Levitating (DaBaby Remix)
BJ96 7 World Boss (Twerk Remix) Recovery
BJ96 8 Vibe (If I Back It Up)
Oh My Gosh This Fortress Is Fire
BJ96 9 OMG
BJ96 10 Sun Goes Down
BJ96 11 Stephanie
BJ96 12 Ice Cream
BJ96 13 Trust Nobody (Valentino Khan Remix)
BJ96 14 Charge Up
BJ96 15 Fortress
BJ96 16 Charge Up
BJ96 17 Dakiti GrooveDown
BJ96 18
Pink Clouds And Fairy Dust ALT 02
BJ95 1 How We Do Warm Up / Isolations
BJ95 2 Watch Your Step Hype
Bun Up The Dance
BJ95 4 Touch It (Vocal Up)
BJ95 5 My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
BJ95 6 Desce pro Play (PA PA PA)
BJ95 7 Bun Up the Dance
BJ95 8 Get Busy
BJ95 9 Thinking Of You Recovery
BJ95 10 Bodak Yellow
Lift Me From The Ground
BJ95 11 The Coconut Nut (Malibu Remix)
BJ95 12 Dhol Life
BJ95 13 Reaching Out
BJ95 14 Get It Get It
BJ95 15 Lift Me From The Ground (Jaron Remix)
BJ95 16 21 Questions GrooveDown
BJ95 17
Hittin' The Switches ALT 01
BJ95 18
Comma Get It ALT 04
BJ94 1 Volar (Valentino Khan Remix) Warm Up / Isolations
BJ94 2 Wanna Go Dancin' Hype
BJ94 3 Rack City
Not Looking Back
BJ94 4 Fuego Del Calor
BJ94 5 Headsprung
BJ94 6 Bruk It Down
BJ94 7 Tap In_Tap In (Instrumental)
BJ94 8 Not Looking Back
BJ94 9 Baila Conmigo Recovery
BJ94 10 Panini (DaBaby Remix)
How Low Can You Go
BJ94 11 Conch Shell
BJ94 12 How Low
BJ94 13 Illuminate (Extended Remix)
BJ94 14 Trust Nobody
BJ94 15 Bad Girls
BJ94 16 Work Out GrooveDown
BJUN 1 Verde Warm Up / Isolations
BJUN 2 Don't Start Now Hype
BJUN 3 Don't Start Now (Purple Disco Machine Remix) Hype
BJUN 4 Who Am I (What's My Name)
Hip Hop
BJUN 5 Clap For Em
BJUN 6 Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na)
BJUN 7 Amarillo
BJUN 8 Hold On We're Going Home
BJUN 9 Two Zero
BJUN 10 Know Your Worth Recovery
BJUN 11 Levi High
Oh Damn Dees Tracks Is Fire
BJUN 12 Where Are U Now (Marshmello Remix)
BJUN 13 Bump It Up
BJUN 14 Move (If You Wanna)
BJUN 15 Shellz
BJUN 16 Take Ü There
BJUN 17 Butterfly Effect
BJUN 18 In Your Eyes GrooveDown
BJ93 1 Graveyard (Axwell Remix) Warm Up / Isolations
BJ93 2 Famalay Hype
BJ93 3 Black And Yellow
Make Di Sound Bang
BJ93 4 Bed Squeak
BJ93 5 Best I Ever Had
BJ93 6 Baddest Things
BJ93 7 Stage Party
BJ93 8 I Can't Get Enough
BJ93 9 Blanco Recovery
BJ93 10 Bawdy
Hip Hop Twenty20
BJ93 11 My Type (Dillon Francis Dance Remix)
BJ93 12 OMEN
BJ93 13 The Motto
BJ93 14 I Will Stay
BJ93 15 Sun Down GrooveDown
BJ92 1 Big Bad Soca Warmup
BJ92 2 When The Lights Go Down Isolations
BJ92 3 Lucy SOCA SOCA Give Me SOCA
BJ92 4 Paise
Hip Hop
BJ92 5 I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)
BJ92 6 Hot Girl Summer
BJ92 7 Bounce Back
BJ92 8 Truffle Butter
BJ92 9 Solid Gold
BJ92 10 Solid Gold (Killer Remix)
BJ92 11 Let It Go
BJ92 12 Motivation Recovery
BJ92 13 All Day and Night
Banger After Banger After Banger
BJ92 14 All Day and Night (Axwell Remix)
BJ92 15 Turn It Up (Gian Varela Remix)
BJ92 16 Death & Desire
BJ92 17 Retrograde
BJ92 18 How Do You Sleep? GrooveDown
BJ91 1 SOS (Laidback Luke Tribute Remix) Warmup
BJ91 2 Change Your Mind Isolations
BJ91 3 Bananeira (Banana Tree) Banana Latin
BJ91 4 Back
Hip Hop
BJ91 5 Company
BJ91 6 Soulmate
BJ91 7 Mienteme (Sak Noel Remix)
BJ91 8 Due West (Skrillex Remix)
BJ91 9 Tempo
BJ91 10 No Negative Vibes Recovery
BJ91 11 Telephone (Crookers Vocal Remix)
BJ91 12 Clarity (Tiesto Remix)
BJ91 13 Flip The Beat
BJ91 14 Bounce (Sandro Silva Remix)
BJ91 15 Bounce (R3hab Remix)
BJ91 16 Bounce (Sandro Silva Remix)
BJ91 17 Play It Cool (Quintino Remix)
BJ91 18 Loco Contigo GrooveDown
BJ90 1 Motownphilly Warmup
BJ90 2 Sicko Mode (Skrillex Remix) Isolations
BJ90 3 Come Out And Play 90's Rock
BJ90 5 Shahar (Extended Mix)
90's Hip Hop
BJ90 6 Hypnotize
BJ90 7 Nice For What
BJ90 8 Si Si Si
BJ90 9 Moombah Number 5
BJ90 10 Demasiado Loca
BJ90 11 Passionfruit Recovery
BJ90 12 Ratata (Extended Mix)
Ninety 90
BJ90 13 IGD (Extended Mix)
BJ90 14 Ratata (Extended Mix)
BJ90 15 IGD (Extended Mix)
BJ90 16 Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Dance Mix)
BJ90 17 Lifting You Higher (ASOT 900 Anthem) [Extended Mix]
BJ90 18 This Ain't Techno (Extended Mix)
BJ90 19 Lifting You Higher (ASOT 900 Anthem) [Blasterjaxx Extended Remix]
BJ90 20 Lifting You Higher (ASOT 900 Anthem) [Extended Mix]
BJ90 21 Lifting You Higher (ASOT 900 Anthem) [Blasterjaxx Extended Remix]
BJ89 22 Put You On GrooveDown
BJ89 23
Let's Get This Thing Started
Mash It
BJ89 24
BJ89 25
Hard (Extended Mix)
BJ89 26
Count Your Luck ALT 03
BJ89 27
Con Calma ALT 10
BJ89 1 Up All Night (Extended) Warmup
BJ89 2 Shellz Isolations
BJ89 3 Push It (Re-Recorded) [Remastered] Oldschool
BJ89 4 Uproar
Hip Hop
BJ89 5 Muevel Booti
BJ89 6 1 Thing
BJ89 7 Taki Taki
BJ89 8 Gangsta Luv
BJ89 9 Twerk Remix_Twerk
BJ89 10 Sexo Recovery
BJ89 11 Buscando
Up All Night
BJ89 12 Cutting Shapes (Extended Mix)
BJ89 13 Booyah (Breathe Carolina Extended Remix)
BJ89 14 Booyah (Original Mix)
BJ89 15 Booyah (Breathe Carolina Extended Remix)
BJ89 16 Game Over (Extended)
BJ89 17 Promises (David Guetta Extended Remix)
BJ89 18 Game Over (Extended)
BJ89 19 Shuttin It Down (Extended Mix)
BJ89 20 thank u, next GrooveDown
BJ89 21
Ole Ole
Mash It
BJ89 22
BJ89 23
Uproar (Instrumental) ALT 04
BJ89 24
Taki Taki (Instrumental) ALT 07
BJ89 25
Heads Up ALT 10
BJ88 1 Save Yourself Warmup
BJ88 2 Lie To Me Isolations
BJ88 3 Good Vibes Soldier Super Happy Banana Party Fun Time
BJ88 4 Push It
BJ88 5 Turn Up (Squeaky Clean)
BJ88 6 breathin
BJ88 7 Jump
BJ88 9 The Drop (Jstjr Remix)
BJ88 10 Get Low
BJ88 11 Play That Funky Music Recovery
BJ88 12 Epic (Garmiani Remix)
The Hottest Fitness Class In The Whole World To Date
BJ88 13 Harpoon
BJ88 14 Everybody
BJ88 15 Throne
BJ88 16 Lie To Me (Nicky Romero Extended Festival Edit)_A
BJ88 16 Lie To Me (Nicky Romero Extended Festival Edit)_B
BJ88 17 Lie To Me (Maurice West Extended MIx)
BJ88 18 Summertime Magic GrooveDown
BJ88 19
Arcade Mammoth
Mash It
BJ88 20
Get Low
BJ88 21
Here We Go (Hey Boy, Hey Girl) (Extended)
BJ87 1 So Many Times (Club Mix) Warmup
BJ87 2 Freak Of The Week Isolations
BJ87 3 Alone (Calvin Harris Remix) Disco
BJ87 4 Barbie Tingz
Hip Hop Para Mi Gente
BJ87 5 Reverse
BJ87 6 Mi Gente
BJ87 7 Pull Up
BJ87 8 BaBaBa (Vete Pa'Ya)
BJ87 9 Mi Gente (Henry Fong Remix)
BJ87 10 Mi Gente (Dillon Francis Remix)
BJ87 11 Mi Gente (Henry Fong Remix)
BJ87 12 Peligrosa Recovery
BJ87 13 Would You Ever
Fuego Para Mi Gente
BJ87 14 Burnin'
BJ87 15 One Kiss
BJ87 16 Bum Bum Tam Tam (David Guetta Remix)
BJ87 17 Mi Gente (Steve Aoki Remix)
BJ87 18 808 (Extended Version)
BJ87 19 Mi Gente (Hardwell & Quintino Remix)
BJ87 20 Familiar GrooveDown
BJ87 21
Earthquake (Extended Mix)
Mash It
BJ87 22
Right Here, Right Now (CamelPhat Remix)
NINA 1 Monster Warmup
NINA 2 Touch Me Deep House
NINA 3 Extraordinary Banger Number 1
NINA 4 Murder
Hip Hop
NINA 5 Machine
NINA 6 You Can Feel The Force
NINA 7 Bollywood Stunna
NINA 9 Two Zero
NINA 10 Apex Banger Number 2
NINA 11 All Me Hip Hop
BJ86 1 I Like It Loud Warmup
BJ86 2 The Buzz Isolations
BJ86 3 Get Low (Merengue Mix) Merengue
BJ86 4 Lemon
I Like It Loud
BJ86 5 Mad Love
BJ86 6 Up In The Club
BJ86 7 Cahuenga
BJ86 8 Go Crazy
BJ86 9 What's My Name
BJ86 10 Stir Fry Recovery
BJ86 11 Azukita
Choose Your Adventure
BJ86 12 Z3RO (Extended)
BJ86 13 Bicycle Ride (Soca Remix)
BJ86 14 Fuego
BJ86 15 Get Low
BJ86 15 Get Low
BJ86 16 The Fever (Extended)
BJ86 17 X GrooveDown
BJ86 18
Mash It
BJ86 19
Magenta Riddim
BJ86 20
Let Me Think About It
BJ86 21
Ghost Voices ALT 01
BJ85 1 Bury Warmup
BJ85 2 Clique Isolations
BJ85 3 Miss You Much Oldschool
BJ85 4 Damn Damn Damn
Peep That Fire
BJ85 5 Got What You Need
BJ85 6 Ooh Wee
BJ85 7 Hyperreal
BJ85 8 Gyal You A Party Animal (Jillionaire Remix)
BJ85 9 A Different Way
BJ85 10 A Different Way (Henry Fong Remix)
BJ85 11 Hello There Recovery
BJ85 12 Dum Dum
Hyperreal For Real
BJ85 13 Dem Fraid
BJ85 14 17 (Extended)
BJ85 15 I Am (Extended)
BJ85 15 I Am (Extended)
BJ85 16 Into The Light (Extended)
BJ85 17 Ex GrooveDown
BJ85 18
The Party (Firebeatz Remix)
Mash It
BJ85 19
Mi Gente
BJ85 20
BJ85 21
Get Low (Kuuro Remix)
BJ84 1 Saint Bass City Rockers Warmup
BJ84 2 Unforgettable (Mariah Carey Remix) Isolations
BJ84 3 We Be Burnin' (Recognize It) Dancehall
BJ84 4 Grrrrrrrr
Hip Hop
BJ84 5 Don't Quit
BJ84 6 Now And Later (Henry Fong Remix)
BJ84 7 Badam
BJ84 8 Questions
BJ84 9 Wobble & Jiggle (Extended)
BJ84 10 10 EIGHT
BJ84 11 Sorry Not Sorry Recovery
BJ84 12 Annihilate
BJ84 13 Fracture
BJ84 14 Scream (Extended)
BJ84 14 Scream (Extended)
BJ84 15 Begin Again
BJ84 16 This Feeling (Kryder Remix)
BJ84 17 Rollin' GrooveDown
BJ84 18
Smash This Beat
Mash It
BJ84 19
Hula Hoop
BJ84 20
Off The Hook (Mark Sixma Extended Remix)
BJ84 21
Wobble & Jiggle (Extended)_Hula Hoop ALT 09
BJ83 1 No 1 Disco Warmup
BJ83 2 Touch Isolations
BJ83 3 Techno Techno
BJ83 4 Ponteme
Afro Hip Hop
BJ83 5 Ponteme (Sak Noel Remix)
BJ83 6 Alright
BJ83 7 Lean Back (NGHTMRE Remix)
BJ83 8 Propaganda (Dillon Francis Remix)
BJ83 9 Fester Skank
BJ83 10 Inna Di Dance
BJ83 11 Possession
BJ83 12 Chocolate Recovery
BJ83 13 Say Less (Instrumental)
An Atmosphere Of Euphoria
BJ83 14 Say Less
BJ83 15 Party People (Extended Mix)
BJ83 16 Rich Boy (Quintino Remix)
BJ83 17 Children
BJ83 18 Atmosphere
BJ83 18 Atmosphere
BJ83 19 Atmosphere (GTA Remix)
BJ83 20 1x1 GrooveDown
BJ83 21
Blow Your Mind Mash It
BJ82 1 Resistance Warmup
BJ82 2 Shaky Shaky Isolations
BJ82 3 Jump & Sweat Bongo Jump Time
BJ82 4 Redmercedes
Super Fast Two Four K
BJ82 5 Mo Bounce
BJ82 6 Goodbye
BJ82 7 One Wine
BJ82 8 24K Magic
BJ82 9 Bow
BJ82 10 That's What I Like Recovery
BJ82 11 Chameleon
Bangin’ On The Eastside
BJ82 12 Good Love (Alesso Remix)
BJ82 12 Good Love (Alesso Remix)
BJ82 13 The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix)
BJ82 14 Loki
BJ82 15 Bang
BJ82 16 Loki
BJ82 17 Slide GrooveDown
BJ82 18
Turn Up The Speakers
Mash It
BJ82 19
Hey Baby (Blasterjaxx Remix)
BJ82 20
Voodoo (The Partysquad Extended Remix)
BJ82 21
Calling (R3hab & Swanky Tunes Vocal Mix)
BJ82 22
Calling (Extended Vocal Club Mix)
BJ81 1 Shut It Down Warmup
BJ81 2 La Musica Isolations
BJ81 3 My Number Reggae Bounce
BJ81 4 Contract
Puro Pari
BJ81 5 Drop It Down Low
BJ81 6 One Dance
BJ81 7 Drop It Down Low (Barely Alive Remix)
BJ81 8 Sleaze
BJ81 9 No Lie
BJ81 10 Love On Me (Ookay Remix) Recovery
BJ81 11 Dominator (Tom Staar Remix)
Smack It To The Side
BJ81 12 Voodoo (Original Mix)
BJ81 12 Voodoo (Original Mix)
BJ81 13 Hype (Flosstradamus Remix)
BJ81 14 You (Tom Staar Remix)
BJ81 15 Phone Down GrooveDown
BJ81 16 Vamonos
Mash It
BJ81 17 Crowd Control
BJ81 18 Sahara
BJ81 19 More Than Ever
BJ80 1 Pigalie Warmup
BJ80 2 LRAD Warmup
BJ80 3 Bunx Up Isolations
BJ80 4 Crank It (Woah!) Afro House
BJ80 5 Only Girl in the World (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Extended Mix)
So Hard So Player
BJ80 6 Animals (Original Mix)
BJ80 7 Go (Hardwell Remix)
BJ80 8 Dominator
BJ80 9 Let Me Love You Recovery
BJ80 10 Incredible (Denis the Menace & Jerry Ropero's Full Vocal Mix)
Continual Momentum
BJ80 11 I Will Be Here (Tiësto Remix)
BJ80 12 Afroki
BJ80 12 Afroki
BJ80 13 Leave The World Behind (Original Mix)
BJ80 14 Feel It GrooveDown
BJ80 15 We're All No One (Hook N Sling Remix)
Mash It
BJ80 16 How We Party
BJ80 17 Greyhound